70% of our body is water. Proper
hydration is the foundation of

good-health. The most powerful

health decision you can make is

to change the quality of the water

that you drink. Learn Why Chanson
structured water is the best gift

you can give yourself and your family.

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Tap water is unfortunately contaminated with a wide range of toxic chemicals. In fact the Environmental Working Group collected data from state agencies and the EPA from 2010 to 2015, from 48,712 water utilities in 50 states and they found 267 out of 500 different contaminants of concern, including…

  • 93 linked to an increased risk of cancer. More than 40,000 systems had detections of known or likely carcinogens exceeding established federal or state health guidelines ? levels that pose only negligible health risks, but are not legally enforceable.
  • 78 associated with?brain and nervous system damage.
  • 63 connected to?developmental harm to children or fetuses.
  • 38 that?may cause fertility problems.
  • 45?linked to hormonal disruption.

    Source: https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/


Reverse Osmosis is a filtering system that uses a membrane to remove minerals and contaminants in the water. The problem is that dangerous toxins have a molecular size which is a lot smaller and can pass freely through the membrane. This includes but is not limited to chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and many other very toxic substances. Another problem is that the minerals which it filters you actually want in the water and they help to hydrate the body better. In addition to this, a lot of water is wasted in the process.


You would think that bottled water was a healthier option, but unfortunately it is often worse than tap water. In fact, the regulations for tap water are more stringent than bottled. The practices of this industry are highly questionable and concerning. Most bottled water companies are taking regular tap water, running it through a Reverse Osmosis filter, and then adding minerals. The plastic bottles used are also of concern, as well as the devastating environmental costs of plastic pollution and transportation. Water is heavy.


The Chanson? Difference

Chanson Water has so many benefits way beyond just clean?water. Chanson ionizers create what is called “structured” water where the molecules themselves are micro-clustered, giving the water a better ability to penetrate the cellular membrane, delivering hydration directly into the cells.


Regular tap water comes in large clusters of 13 molecules, Chanson water clusters come in as small as 5 molecules! In addition to this, the water is created with a Negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), giving it a higher anti-oxidant benefit. Without getting into science class, this simply means that there are more electrons available to neutralize the effects of oxidation in the body. Chanson literally gives you energy!

Why Chanson Water?

Just Some Of The Many Benefits Of Chanson Water!



  • Filtered structured anti-oxidant water on demand!


  • Water to soak and sprout your produce, nuts, and seeds with!

  • Wetter Water means your water hydrates you better!

  • Acid water for cleaning with, disinfecting surfaces, and skincare!

  • Never have to buy and carry heavy bottled water again!

  • Better for the environment! Less plastic waste and transportation costs.

Did You Know that the water created with the Chanson Miracle M.A.X. was shown to have cancer-prevention benefits in ground breaking University Research Study?


There is Chanson water for every type of use including cleaning your produce, drinking, removing stains, washing dishes, soaking and preparing foods, and for skin and hair care just to name a few!

Just a few of the MANY lives changed by Chanson!

We have a Chanson counter-top unit and are on City water (Toledo, OH) and use the three city?prefilters. Recently, the city?was unable totreat our?lake?Erie water?and?the EPA urged everyone to not drink the water.?Our Chanson unit pulled us through with no sickness.?I?m 78 years old and have no pains anywhere?My wife and I have been on [ionized alkaline water] about 15 months and have not even had a cold.

James Marsh, Toledo, OH

I recently started using the acid water for various things around the house to include cleaning, windows, and my skin.?It?s really?amazing how well it works and cleans.?I am a total fan of The Chanson Max water ionizer for both sides of the PH scale. Thank you for such a?wonderfully?useful,?money-saving?product.

Johnathan Whitehurst

We began using a Chanson ionizer in March of 2010, for all of our cooking, and drinking water needs. We immediately noticed a better taste to the water due to the 3 stage?pre filter, and ionizer combination after installation. We have been using ionized water ever since then.

William Whitcomb, VP Whitsons Culinary Group, Islandia NY

My husband was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor and needed chemo and radiation? after extensive research of therapies, I contacted Ronnie and he started drinking a gallon of Chanson alkaline/ionized water?everyday?throughout his 6 weeks of treatments. The results were amazing! The doctors think he is a miracle! They are totally amazed that he didn?t need steroids throughout this process. There is a lot to be said for complementary therapies and my husband is living proof! On the days that he did not have the Chanson water, he had headaches and did not feel good. While drinking the water he was just a little more tired but made it through the 6 weeks without any major problems!!! Thank you!

Alicia H. McAuliffe-Fogarty,Ph.D.

Founder and Executive Director, Circle of Life Camp, Inc.

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