Filter Your Water Without Chemicals

Introducing the Whole House Water Dove

A Patented Water Treatment Solution

The Whole House Water Dove uses an exclusive, patented system that can be built for any size home or business. This environmentally friendly solution uses a catalytic/magnetic process and a special media to transform harmful products in your water including hardness, chlorine, lead, chromium and other heavy metals into harmless ions.

Benefits of the Water Dove

If you’re not happy with the quality of the water flowing through your taps, the Water Dove Whole House System offers one of the more effective and hassle-free solutions for improving your water’s quality and taste. The system does not use salt or electricity, and requires no maintenance or filters to be replaced.

The Water Dove is Proudly Made In The USA!!!


How Does the Water Dove Work?

Hard water comes in contact with a seat and plunger which causes a slight pressure reduction.  With this reduction, calcium hardness crystals are created. These crystals are multiplied through a catalytic reaction, and then pass through a rare earth magnetic field. This field is able to hold the hardness crystals as a suspended solid for up to 72 hours.  When a suspended solid, the hardness in the water will not attach to plumbing fixtures or any appliance in your home/business that uses water.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the time-saving (and cost-saving) advantages of never having to purchase salt, chemicals or replacement filters, the Water Dove offers these benefits as well:

  • Eliminates hard water scale on your pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Improves plant growth by delivering “wetter” water
  • Reduces bathtub rings
  • Prevents growth of microbial contaminants
  • Makes your soap and detergents last longer

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Most water hardness treatment systems rely on sodium ion exchange which can have adverse effects to both people and the environment. While ion exchange systems substitute salt (sodium) for calcium, the Water Dove transforms dissolved calcium to crystallized calcium. Calcium in its crystallized state is rendered harmless and free from its objectionable scaling effects.

The Water Dove has many uses. The Water Dove is used where superior water is desired for both taste and functional use. It is also used for commercial applications where scale prevention is required, such as water heater pre-treatment, reverse osmosis pre treatment, etc.

Aside from the patented Catalytic / Magnetic Process, the Water Dove is unique in the following ways: 1. The effects of water hardness are rendered harmless without the use of any chemicals or salt. 2. The existence of local bans on water softeners and waste discharge permits are not an issue with the Water Dove as well.

1. You are not spending money on them
2. You are not ingesting them in part or whole.
3. You are not adding pollution into your drain or water supplies.

The Water Dove alters the state of the water. It changes the chemistry of the water. It does not add anything to it.

None. Since the Water Dove changes the chemistry of the water, no water is used.

It is in an altered state. Imagine a bathtub full of water and in the corner of the tub are calcium crystals. These crystals can be thought of little ball-bearings that will not adhere to any surface that they come in contact with unlike dissolved calcium what adheres to most surfaces after the H2O portion of the water evaporates.

The calcium remain suspended for up to 72 hours. Normal water usage indicates a typical household will turn the hot water over at least once a day. The calcium crystals will be washed down the drain before they have a chance to revert to a dissolved state.

Other companies are trying to replicate our product. They are selling so-called magnetic water treatment devices without the testing, engineering and patents that has gone into the technology used in the Water Dove. These systems are rarely effective and lack the ingenuity of the Water Dove. Patent law also protects the replication of this technology. There are imitators out there, but are only similar in appearance, not in quality, performance and effectiveness.

This is a whole house water conditioner. After the scale prevention process, the water then flows through KDF
which reduces chlorine, heavy metals,  prevents bacteria growth and scale prevention. The Water Dove will provide your home with great tasting, healthy and safe water from every fixture in your home.


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