Does pH Really Matter?

Does pH Really Matter?

pH Level ChartThere is a lot of talks these days about pH, and the importance of water being alkaline versus acidic, but what is pH anyways and does it really matter? This article is written to answer that question. Let’s start with the basics.?it stands for the Potential of Hydrogen,?and is the scale from 0-14 that ranks the basic alkalinity or acidity of a solution. It is a logarithmic scale, meaning that a pH of 6 is 10 times more acidic than a pH of 7, a pH of 5 is a hundred times more acidic than a pH of 7.

Here Is The Chemical Reaction Equation

pH=1/log[H+] =-Iog[H+]?

What pH really has to do on a biochemical level, is with the concentration of ions (protons or electrons) in a solution. For example, 7 is a neutral pH, meaning the water has equal concentrations of H+ (Positively Charged Hydrogen Ions) and OH- ions (Negatively Charged Hydroxide Ion). When water molecules split, they create either a postively charge Hydrogen, or a negatively charged Hydroxide.

A substance with a pH below 7 is acidic, meaning that it contains a higher concentration of H+ ions. This means the substance, in the case of water, is proton-rich. Protons are positively charged ions, that create oxidative stress. So this water is more oxidative to the body. A substance with a pH below 7 is considered alkaline, this means that it contains a higher concentration of OH- ions. OH- ions are antioxidant, meaning they are electron rich, therefore can absorb and neutralize the oxidative effect of a proton.

The pH of the various fluids in the body is regulated within a tightly controlled range via a process called acid-base homeostasis.

The pH of blood is usually slightly basic with a value of pH 7.4. This value is often referred to as physiological pH?in biology and medicine. As we can see the it is different in different parts of the body but overall the blood, fluid and tissues require a slightly Alkaline pH. The body will do everything it can to maintain this balance, whether that means through controlling our breathing, or by pulling alkaline buffers from the reserves of the body (tissues, bones) or by accelerating the removal of acids through the channels of elimination, kidneys, urine, colon, and skin.

If one is operating in a mostly acidic condition, the body will do its best to compensate, but over time will result in depletion of minerals and accumulation of acid buildup.?General symptoms of acidosis are listed in the following articles,[ 1] [2] and are the result of?a decrease in body pH. For example, plaque can create a local acidic environment that can result in tooth decay by demineralization. Enzymes and other proteins have an optimum pH range and can become inactivated or denatured outside this range.?The most common disorder in acid-base homeostasis is acidosis, which means an acid overload in the body, generally defined by pH falling below 7.35.

Stress and poor nutrition is a major cause of pH imbalance in the body. Most interior living matter (excluding the cell nucleus) has a pH of about 6.8. Blood plasma and other fluids that surround the cells in the body have a pH of 7.2 to 7.45.?A blood pH of 6.9 can induce coma and death, cancer patient?saliva is around pH of 4.5~5.7 That is why all bodily systems are secondary in importance to the system of balancing pH.

This poor nutrition and stress on the body affect digestion and body temperature, robbing our bones of calcium, affecting our pancreas and kidneys ability to maintain adequate alkaline fluid buffers. The accumulated acids tend to be pushed out to the connective tissue, settling in fatty tissue around vital organs.
This is why it’s important to have water that is clean from all impurities, filtered, mineralized, alkalized, ionized and micro-clustered. This is the exact kind of water that is created by Chanson technology.

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The Water Molecule

The Water Molecule

Water MoleculeWater, also referred to as “The Solvent of Life” is necessary for all biological functioning to take place. This is what makes water so essential for health because literally every cell, tissue, and organ requires it to function. Many of us are aware that water is H2O, 2 Hydrogen atoms bonded to 1 Oxygen, but were you aware that the water molecules themselves can arrange together to form larger cluster sizes? Because of the affinity of hydrogen and oxygen, the element of water forms larger molecular clusters, which can determine how absorbable that water is in our trillions of cells and our tissues. The larger the cluster, the less absorbable, the smaller, the more absorbable that water is.

One of the benefits of having water from a Chanson machine is that the water is what we call “Micro-clustered”. This means that the water molecules are in smaller more optimal cluster sizes, making it easier for the human body and cells to assimilate. This supports our entire biological functioning, including metabolism, oxygenation, and hydration.

Chanson Water Molecule is Literally Wetter Water

The size of water molecule clusters is measured scientifically on a Hz scale The smaller the Hz the smaller the cluster size, means the more hydrating that water is for our cells. Here is a list of the Hz measurement of various waters on the right. Cluster size is measured using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

The typical water you will drink is in clusters of 10 or more. Chanson structured micro-clustered water is grouped in a hexagonal 6 molecule shape. This reduced shape is was makes Chanson water exceptional in its ability to efficiently penetrate cells and membranes. This smaller size is what makes Chanson water “Wetter” than regular water.

Our body is always striving to maintain its balance, in our blood, tissues, organs, and systems. The blood itself, the Red Blood Cell and the fluid that surrounds that cells, also referred to as the ECM Extra-Cellular Matrix is of the highest importance to maintaining health in the body. All of our cells, tissues, and fluids have to maintain metabolism, hormones, assimilation of nutrients, and the elimination of waste-products, dead cells, and acid wastes. Water is essential for this process. The way the body deals with this is through the 4 channels of elimination, Urination, Defecation, Respiration, and Perspiration. Sometimes these wastes solidify in the body as cholesterol, fatty acids, kidney stones, and other buildups in the tissues and interstitial fluid. These things tend to settle in the weakest areas of the body.

The accumulation of these acids in the body is what accelerates aging and disease processes. In addition to this are environmental and lifestyle factors, chemicals, heavy metals, our sleep cycle, processed foods, smoking, and alcohol.

Drinking Chanson structured micro-clustered water gives our body a more hydrating water, which will give our body, our cells, tissues, organs, and systems the best fuel in order to clear the waste, cellular debris and maintain optimal functioning. Alkaline Ionized Micro-clustered Structured Water is the best environment for giving the body what it needs to live in this toxic world.