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Keep everything fresh and clean smelling with the professional Chanson Miracle Sanitizer Ozone Generator. Ozone generators are used by many including holistic health practitioners, naturopathic doctors as well as hotels to get rid of cigarette, mildew and other offensive odors. Freshen your home, shoes, sports equipment, refrigerator, laundry room, litter box, garage or office. It’s also a powerful way to cleanse your fruits and vegetables from E. coli and other possible contaminants and is simple to use. You can also create your own O3 Water!

The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer reduces and eliminates odors and bacteria from your home and office. It dispenses activated oxygen from a stone into the air or into water or other liquids and has hundreds of other uses. Because it can replace dozens of chemical toxic cleaners and air fresheners, it’s good for your health, your wallet, and the environment!

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Product Description

The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer Ozone

The Miracle Sanitizer is an all natural, ?green?, money saving device that?s declaring war on all pollutants, germs, bacteria, mold, fungi and foul odors in your home and business alike! The Miracle Sanitizer eradicates odors and toxic pollutants just the way nature does, leaving only pure oxygen behind. The Miracle Sanitizer is Mother Nature?s cleansing and detoxifying powers, in a box!

The Miracle Sanitizer generates these natural cleansing powers through precision controlled plasma gasification and electronic corona discharge emission. In order to produce these emissions, most ozone generators on the market use metallic plates which are prone to oxidation. As a result, those ozone generators must be replaced every 1-3 years despite what the manufacturer says.

But the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer uses a quartz crystal tube which never wears out or needs to be replaced. The natural oxygen gas emissions produced by the Miracle Sanitizer are the same gas emissions produced daily by Mother Nature, in an equal balance of Activated Oxygen (O3, ?Ozone?) and Negative Ions, from the sun, rain, ocean waves, waterfalls and lightning storms. Without this natural cleansing process, we would likely die of putrefaction from our planet?s natural waste, by-products, and pollutants. This powerful commercial grade technology harnesses Mother Nature?s miracle safely, so that you can have the same benefits on demand, in your own home or place of business.

The Miracle Sanitizer is the perfect sanitizer because it eradicates all odors, germs, viruses, mold, mildew and most pollutants on a molecular level leaving only pure oxygen behind as its by-product. Activated Oxygen (O3) is an unstable gas that quickly starts to revert back to pure oxygen (O2) in about 30 minutes leaving behind no toxic residue or pollutants. The Miracle Sanitizer emits Activated Oxygen and Negative Ions at the same levels of fresh air (not polluted city air) so you can be sure it is safe. The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer can run commercially all day long every day and NEVER will produce dangerous levels of activated oxygen. Our product is always safe even to be used around small house pets. Once you experience the power of a the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Uses for Activated Oxygen:
Activated Oxygen has been routinely used commercially to treat water in over 250 US municipalities, disinfect hospitals, kitchens, gyms, hot tubs, pools, is an added feature to facial steamers to kill the bacteria that causes acne, and more. Activated Oxygen can be used in water (a.k.a. ?ozonated water?) to make a highly effective, non-toxic and non-staining disinfectant and is 3,125 times more powerful at disinfection than chlorine bleach! Super oxygenated (ozonated) water stays at full strength for 15 minutes then reverts back to Oxygen (O2) leaving behind no harmful residuals (unlike chlorine bleach), while effectively destroying pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. Ozonated water can be used to safely sanitize countertops, kitchens, food, bathrooms and other surfaces, resulting in an all natural, ?green? cleaning solution that can be used as an alternative to dangerous household and commercial cleaners. Below is a list of some common toxic ingredients and chemical by-products of commercial air fresheners and cleaners and the negative effects they have on our health:

– Phthalates – Hormone-disrupting chemicals which can effect brain, nervous and immune system development, reproduction, mental processing and metabolism, and birth defects

– Formaldehyde ? Cancer-causing according to the EPA

– Acetone, Propane – Flammable irritant of eyes and throat

– Ethanol ? Can cause birth defects

– Isobutane/Butane ? Allergen and irritant

– Benzene ? Carcinogen which we should have zero exposure to, according to the WHO

– VOC?s (Volatile Organic Compounds) ? Known allergen

– Xylene ? Linked to nausea and ?sick building syndrome? as well as kidney and liver damage

– Naphthalene ? Suspected carcinogen linked to blood, kidney and liver problems

– Methoxychlor (pesticide) ? Reproductive disorder, estrogenic effect, leukemia, depression, diarrhea, damage to liver, kidney, and heart, and ? by chronic exposure ? growth retardation

– Paradichclorobenzene ? Shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals

– Phenol ? Flammable, corrosive and extremely toxic

Not only can the Miracle Sanitizer be used to neutralize and eliminate the toxic fumes produced by the chemicals listed above, the need for these cleaners can be eliminated altogether! Since the Miracle Sanitizer can be used to make a cleaning solution by ozonating water, you can completely eliminate the need for harsh commercial and household cleaners and air fresheners, saving you money and preserving the health of our planet by reducing the use of these cleaners and the plastic containers they are packaged in that pollute our bodies, the air, and our water! The Miracle sanitizer is truly a ?green? solution for the planet!

There are hundreds of uses for the Miracle Sanitizer, Here are just a few:

– Deodorize and sanitize shoes, toilet bowls, closets, cars, bathrooms, and refrigerators by placing the bubble stone attached to the Miracle Sanitizer in the desired space and ozonate for 10 minutes.

– In a room where mold, mildew or foul odors are prevalent, let the Miracle Sanitizer run for 10-20 minutes. May repeat if the room is large or odors are especially strong.

– Sterilize baby bottles, toys, daycare equipment, and hospitals. For countertops and other surfaces: Place bubble stone in filtered water and ozonate water for 10 minutes (longer depending on the volume of water you are using). Pour water into a spray bottle to spray ozonated water onto surfaces and countertops for cleaning. Ozonated water will hold its antibacterial properties for 15 minutes.

– Fish Tanks: Place bubble stone in a fish tank and ozonate for 10 minutes, or longer depending on the size of the tank.

– Sheets, Pillows and Mattresses: Place items in an airtight plastic bag with the bubble stone, seal the bag with the bubble stone inside and ozonate for 10 minutes. This will kill bedbugs, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, etc.(Ensure that the bubble-stone does not come in direct contact with fabric and that all fabric is dry to prevent discoloration)

– Ozonated water can be used in the treatment of body fungus such as Athlete?s Foot, Jock Itch and Ringworm. Ozonate purified water for 10 minutes and soak the area with the fungus for 10 minutes, twice daily, until the fungus is gone. Ozonated water can also be used to rid surfaces (such as gym mats and equipment) that harbor the fungus. Simply using the Miracle Sanitizer for 10 minutes the room on the surface where the fungus dwell, will also suffice.

– Eliminate cigar, cigarettes and other smoke odors

– Clean and sanitize foods with ozonated water

– Can use to treat acne and other types of skin infections like bed sores, ulcers, etc.

– Energize your environment – sitting in a room with the Miracle Sanitizer running may have the same energizing effect as being near a waterfall, the ocean, or stepping outside after a lightening storm due to the activated oxygen

Facts about Activated Oxygen
Although Activated Oxygen has gained more and more attention for its wonderful benefits over the years, in the past it has been wrongfully referred to as ?ozone pollution? by some in the media due to confusion about the beneficial ozone naturally found in our atmosphere (like after a lightning storm, for an example), and the bad ?ozone? created from man-made emissions like power plants, factories, and automobiles. It?s like knowing the difference between fats that are essential to your body?s health and fats that can literally kill you, like transfat.

Mother Nature has been using Activated Oxygen for millions of years to rid the earth of its own pollutants and by-products and is her solution to man-made pollutants and smog! By creating this amazing gas, Mother Nature is able to safely destroy such pollutants leaving pure oxygen (O2) behind as its only by-product. Ozone is not the problem, but rather, the solution to pollution! Just as big drug company lobbyists push profitable prescription drugs (that kill an estimated 150,000 people per year), to undermine natural medicine and keep people sick, big chemical company lobbyists push the use of profitable toxic chemicals to undermine Mother Nature?s existing safe and simple solution already being utilized around the world.

Activated Oxygen has been the only viable, long-term method for removing the most difficult odor problems both in nature and commercially. It is a common practice that Activated Oxygen is used to remove smoke, soot and even dead animal odors from large commercial buildings, homes, and automobiles. Activated Oxygen (O3) is so strong that it can permeate every crack and crevice, attacking and organically altering the odor causing compounds themselves, rendering them inert, leaving only fresh Oxygen when its work is done. If it weren?t for the oxidizing power of Mother Nature?s Activated Oxygen our entire planet would be one putrefied, stinky, toxic, mess. Its Mother Nature?s way of the destroying Earth?s pollutants safely and naturally! Now you too, can use the power of Mother Nature, anytime, anywhere with the Miracle Sterilizer.


Full One Year Warranty:?Most residential use ozone generators use a metal plate engine that gets very hot and wears out in 2-3 years and must be replaced. The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer uses a super quartz crystal engine that does not get hot nor does it wear out. The engine in our Miracle Sanitizer is expected to last no less than 10 years and more likely 15-20 years, which is why the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer has a full one year warranty, not 30 days like many of our competitors!

Full Service Warranty Center:?Chanson is very proud of our 30+ years in manufacturing and the fact that we are a full service warranty center. Most of our competitors are small companies who are just internet resellers not full service warranty centers. Always use caution when buying health products that they come from reputable manufacturers with long track records for making safe products.

Proven Safety:?Our crystal quartz engine allows for the outstanding production of 200mg per hour of activated oxygen (03- ozone) which is totally safe and extremely effective. Lower quality products also use many low quality materials inside their machines, but the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer uses only non leaching plastics and tubing–ALL materials inside the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer are totally safe and will never leach anything!

Easy to Use:?The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer is both lightweight (under 4 pounds) and very transportable, so you can take it on vacations to sanitize hotel rooms, bedding, water and more. The list of uses is endless.

  • Weighs Approx.?4 lbs

    Dimensions:?8″ X 6″ X 3″

    Power consumption:?4 watts

    200mg/per hour in regular mode
    35mg/per hour in recycle mode


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