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This one of a kind 3-stage water filter technology provides superior pure water for the everyday needs of your family or office.The Hypurkleenis the perfect pre-filter giving optimal filtration and flow-rate, removing 99.9% of contaminants.


  • Save big on time and effort

  • Improve the health of you and your family

  • Help the planet stay clean and green

Make a move that will save you big money for the rest of your life!!!

Bottled/drinking water is one of the most overpriced expenses we have today. People spend from $400 to $1200+ per year depending on family size and type of water. There is also costs to get the water and bring it home.

Eliminate time and effort

You can eliminate the time and effort spent hauling water and doubling your household trash or having loud polluting trucks come to your home to deliver heavy jugs that you still need to haul around.

Improve the health of you and your family

Most bottled waters are simply, poorly filtered tap water, unregulated by the FDA, you have no idea what is in that water, not to mention the dangers of drinking from PET plastic bottles. Even homes with bottled water do not use those waters for cooking, using unsafe tap water to cook all kinds of foods and make soups or rinsing fruits and veggies, it takes only 1 second for chlorine from tap water to absorb into a fruit or vegetable!!

Help the planet in a fast and dramatic way

There are millions of tons per day of toxic plastic bottles flooding our oceans and landfills, the energy and chemicals needed to make these bottles are extremely toxic to our environment.

We have great news for you

Introducing the HYPURKLEEN™ triple under sink home filtration system for all your drinking, cooking and produce washing needs. The average family will Save from $200 to $600 dollars the first year and $300 to $800 every year after, not only that, but gain unlimited cooking and cleaning water. It is a fact, the more water we drink the healthier we are, many people limit their water intake because of expense. With the Hypurkleen™ system you can drink as much water as you want with no additional yearly costs.

A whole new level of water filtration technology

Standard water filters have many flaws, cheaper carbon type filters use a granulated carbon that doesn't remove much of anything, other problems are molds and fungus growing inside the filters making the filtered water unsafe to drink.

Many filters get saturated after a few months and are no longer removing anything from the water but actually leaking out toxins. Filters need to be large to work well and provide fast water flow, pitcher type filters are slow and produce limited water, some new popular ones even remove all the good minerals and brag about it.

Even if the filter is good, they all end up getting clogged with sediment forcing water to bypass the carbon to get out the other end. On top of that most water filters lack any type of certification or evidence of performance leaving the users in potentially dangerous situations.

Hypurkleen™ is the result of decades of research and a team of experts working together to create the world's best water filtration system.

Hypurkleen™ is 3 large filters all working to support each other, the #1 filter removes all sediment, rust, and particles, from the water and protects #2. Filter #2 is a new kind of carbon from coconut shells and bamboo that are compressed into a solid block, this carbon performs up to 1000x better than average granulated carbon filter. Filter #2 protects #3.

Filter #3, the super compressed carbon block with silver wrap membrane. This carbon is so compressed even tiny parasites, molds and fungus cannot get thru it and the silver wrap prevents bacteria from growing on the filter. Hypurkleen™ filters are certified by the most respected water safety organization in the world- NSF.

The Easiest most convenient way to have Great Tasting, safe water all year long.

Under sink water filters have historically been a nightmare to install and change, needing special wrenches, separate faucets, and bulky tanks. Hypurkleen™ filters get changed 1 time per year only and do not require a separate faucet, or special tools to change.

Apartment/renters dream come true

In the past people in apartments or renting could not install under sink water filters, Hypurkleen™ can be installed in under 30 minutes directly to the cold-water line under the sink and easily removed when you move. No holes to drill no faucets to install, we make it super easy. Once installed simply turn on your cold-water faucet as normal for the perfect water.

The Alkaline water Explosion

The newest trend in health is drinking alkaline water and almost every store sells it, sometimes costing as much as $4 a bottle. Hypurkleen™ provides the most delicious alkaline water right from your faucet as much as you want, our customers definitely notice the alkaline benefits.

New Twist-Lock Technology for Easy Filter Replacement

In addition to the unique compressed triple block carbon filtration, this new system includes our proprietary Twist-Lock technology. This means that replacing your filters every year is as easy as ever and does not require any plumbing knowledge. All you have to do is twist unlock your old filter, and twist-lock in your new filter. That's It! You do not have to turn the plumbing off!

What are customers saying

Dave from Irvine Ca wrote us; I was spending $800 a year on alkaline bottled water for me and my wife, constantly hauling the cases and dealing with recycling trash, the Hypurkleen has made a huge difference in my life, took me 15 minutes to install it and the water tastes better than any bottled version I've tried. Now I just use our kitchen glass cups no more plastic, thank you much.

Amy from San Diego Ca wrote us; I can't believe how great this is, just turn on my faucet and I have the best water around on tap!!! I'll be saving around $275 this first year and $475 Next year. I'm so happy.

Johanna from Los Angeles told us; my dad has improved his health especially acid reflux from drinking the alkaline water from Hypurkleen, we can't believe it, our smoothies taste better our rice and noodles come out way better and soups are awesome, thanks again.

Once a year delivery

You can get on a Hypurkleen™ auto-ship and have your 3 replacement filters arrive every 12 months, so there will be no more thoughts about water for your home or apartment.

Get your Hypurkleen today by ordering now or calling today

Easy Install

Installation is easy and can be done in 15 minutes or less.
Download Hypurkleen Installation Guide

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The Hypurkleen is an easy to install under sink water filter, that can easily be connected directly to your cold water line, or to a separate faucet. It can also be installed directly on your counter top, whatever is easier for you. In home installation available, we can even remove and re-install for you if your moving.

100% customer satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Hypurkleen™ by Chanson is made exclusively for Chanson Naturals.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    As a holistic healthcare provider, hydration and clean, safe, alkaline water are vital to any water filtration system. I only recommend products to my patients that have passed rigorous testing and effectiveness. I use this system in my home and it gives me a strong peace of mind. I didn’t realize how much of a big deal buying and hauling water bottles from the store was until I had all the clean water at my fingertips from my tap. Regular tap water is not free of contaminants and has huge levels of chlorine. Bottled waters lead to pollution and they leach micro-plastics into the water. They are not regulated and third party tests revealed that 56% of bottled waters were contaminated.

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Chanson Naturals is proud to present our brand-new exclusive Hypurkleen? Triple-Filter system. This one of a kind filtration technology provides superior pure water for the everyday needs of your family or office.?

Compressed Carbon Block Technology

This revolutionary new compressed carbon block system uses considerably less energy and wastes no water. This is a huge step above a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. Our direct filtering process produces healthy drinking water while still keeping the healthy mineral content of your water.

The Chanson Naturals new triple filter is the perfect pre-filter for any water ionizer, providing optimal filtration and flow rate. It is also a great filter for direct use, filtering 99% of contaminants including heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, and over 100 additional contaminants including fluoride! This system lasts approximately one (1) full year of use before replacement filters are necessary.

Hypurkleen Triple Water Filtration System New Twist-Lock Technology for Easy Filter Replacement

In addition to the unique compressed triple block carbon filtration, this new system includes our proprietary Twist-Lock technology. This means that replacing your filters every year is as easy as ever and does not require any plumbing knowledge. All you have to do is twist unlock your old filter, and twist lock in your new filter. It does not require that you turn off your water source, it automatically does it for you!

  • Three Stages
  • Powerful Filtration
  • Quick Installation
Once you have your New Triple Carbon Block filter you will be set for all of your drinking and cooking water needs! All you have to do is replace all 3 filters at least once per year, based on normal use.