Introducing the Miracle M.A.X.? Royale Undercounter (7-plate)

A revolutionary new under the counter, stainless steel, smart digital faucet ionizer with a sleek new design, the Chanson Miracle MAX Royale.

This unit offers four types of alkaline water, three types of acidic water, and has 7 titanium plates. It shows live on an LCD screen flow, ORP in real time.

Combined with the Chanson Triple Filter System, it is simply?the ultimate personal home unit available on the market today. There is simply nothing like it!


Miracle MAX Royale

Transform ordinary tap water into the most-fresh, ionized, and structured water on the planet.


The Chanson Royale creates a wide range of water for every home health need

Miracle MAX Royale – Alkaline Structured Water for Drinking

Alkaline Structured Water for Drinking