The most important decision that you make is the quality of the water that you drink.
The health of you and your family depends on Fresh, Clean, Healthy, and “Living” Drinking Water 

Is Your Water Living?

The sad reality is that most water is dead water: Filtered water, bottled water,
water filter pitchers, reverse osmosis, tap water, it doesn’t matter. The truth is that
Chanson Water
is different: It’s Ionized Living Water, and this has real-life implications for your health.

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anti-oxidant neutralizing free radical

Chanson Water is Antioxidant Water

Oxidation wreaks havoc on our health. It’s what causes aging and disease. That is why it’s so important to consume anti-oxidants which are life-giving. The water created by Chanson is negatively charged. This means that it contains more electrons, which your cells run on. This is referred to as negative ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential. This means that Chanson Water is anti-inflammatory.


Chanson Water is Micro-Clustered

Most water molecules arrange themselves in clusters of 15 or more. This means that it has a harder time getting into your cells where hydration is needed the most. Chanson Ionizers produce water that is in clusters of 5-6 molecules, which is why it is called “wetter” water. This means that it hydrates you better, and can penetrate into your cells with greater efficienty! It takes less water to hydrate you more!


Chanson Water Contains Free Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and yet it’s hard to acquire in a free form. Science is just starting to discover the amazing health benefits of Free Hydrogen, and Chanson Ionized water contains it. You know your water is living when you can see those little micro-bubbles in it. That is the free hydrogen, ready to be absorbed by your body, cells, and tissues!

What Does This Mean For Me?

cellular hydration

Better Hydration: Micro-clustering means that Chanson water hydrates your cells more effectively.

cellular hydration

More Antioxidants: The negative charge created by Chanson water is better at fighting oxidative stress in the body.


Save Time & Money: You never have to buy and carry heavy bottled water again! 



Acid Water Benefits: This is amazing for cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, and for skincare.



Better for the environment!  Less plastic waste and transportation costs.


There is no comparison

The Chanson Difference

Don’t fall victim to the fakes, cheaply made, and over-priced ionizers on the market. Chanson is by far the highest quality design, plates, and electronics available on the market today.


The best technology on the market today.


Over 35 years experience manufacturing water ionizers


A better ionizer for half the price of other products

Better Features

Chanson produces superior results with a more elegant and user-friendly design, technology, and more options. From 3.5 to 10.5 pH, Negative -500

Backed By Science


Chanson is the only water Ionizer on the market proven effective by University Research published in peer-review.

Best Customer Service

Our experienced and dedicated support staff of water experts have decades of experience and are always happy to serve you.

Just a few of the many lives changed by Chanson Water

We have a Chanson counter-top unit and are on City water (Toledo, OH) and use the three city prefilters. Recently, the city was unable to treat our lake Erie water and the EPA urged everyone to not drink the water. Our Chanson unit pulled us through with no sickness. I’m 78 years old and have no pains anywhere. My wife and I have been on [ionized alkaline water] about 15 months and have not even had a cold.

James Marsh, Toledo, OH

I recently started using the acid water for various things around the house to include cleaning, windows, and my skin. It’s really amazing how well it works and cleans. I am a total fan of The Chanson Max water ionizer for both sides of the PH scale. Thank you for such a wonderfully useful, money-saving product.

Johnathan Whitehurst

We began using a Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizer Solution in March of 2010, for all of our cooking, and drinking water needs. We immediately noticed a better taste to the water due to the 3 stage pre filter, and ionizer combination after installation. We have been using ionized water ever since then.

William Whitcomb, VP Whitsons Culinary Group, Islandia NY

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